Berkeley Saturday April 15th…

What do you want to bet this guy has something fishy going on with his taxes. The simple minded who think it doesn’t matter what he reports are morons. They are fooling themselves in believing he’s an honest man. Could it be he has a close relation with his buddy Putin or maybe he deducted a pet as a dependent but I doubt that seriously. Eventually it will all come out and you know if he gets questioned, he’ll say, “I wasn’t the one who did my taxes. I got people who do that for me.”

A few minutes ago the Berkeley California helicopter stopped flying in circles over the plaza in front of city hall. The protesters have gone home. Once again his supporters tried to stage a pro-him rally. They knew that wouldn’t go over well in Berkeley. Their rally was countered by a much larger group of people who want The Orange One to disclose his taxes and those fed up with The Orange One’s small troop of loyalists yelling, “He’s Our Man! He’s Our Man!”

I refuse to call this crook our leader. I’ve attempted to find a black tee shirt with the word “RESIST” on it. When I do I’ll wear it proudly until they come for me… Don’t think for a second they won’t because they will.  This too will pass

3 thoughts on “Berkeley Saturday April 15th…

  1. Well I think he has hidden his taxes because they would show he has big money ties to Russia and to the Russian mob. He is in trouble right now because it is proven that some of his people including his son in law, were in contact with Russian agents and did not admit it under oath. Now it comes out that not only did the transition team made aware of this ( most of the ones who committed the acts were also on the transition team ) and they ignored it. Now we know tRump is doing all he can to enrich himself using the office he holds, against the law. He would be impeached already , yet the republicans in congress are protecting him. As for his supporters, they refuse to believe any news not supporting their wishes. Hugs

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