If I Told You Where I’ve Been You Wouldn’t Believe It… 

Thank you to the people who actually wondered if I was living. From now on, no commentary on the leader of The Free World. Who knows, you might get a visit by two men in suits at your work garage along with a company chief special agent. 

So let me tell you what has happened to me in the last five weeks. I went on a work loan to Grass Valley California where I met people who think their leader is one of the greatest men after Jesus Christ and many many people who cultivate pot. I guess that’s why they call it Grass Valley.  Oh at the Holiday Inn in Grass Valley they had a marijuana convention in their hotel’s mini convention center. One Saturday the Reggie music was so loud it kept up all night. I kept hearing, “Times are good, times are bad but first take care of head.”

Then upon the last day of the loan I flew with Tashi back to New Jersey where I continued to fix up the house. Oh did I mention Hunter still hasn’t said his first word. We are all concerned. I forgot to mention how Matt finally was let out of jail on March 23rd on parole but thinking parole visits are optional, well I got a call from his agent asking me if I had a way to contact him. A few days ago I yelled at him, “You’re 30 years old. You need to get well and I’m finished helping you until you get on meds.” 

By the way, I finally had Margie my former house cleaner and friend pick up Toonce’s remains. We will scatter his ashes as soon as the weather clears up. It’s been raining overtime here due to the rain. You don’t want to know how much I’ve earned from January 1st till now but I can say I’ve paid 21,759 dollars in various taxes… Maybe this is why I haven’t shaken off this miserable cold or flu I’ve had now for 2 weeks. This too will pass, it always does….

6 thoughts on “If I Told You Where I’ve Been You Wouldn’t Believe It… 

  1. Glad to see you back, and although the money you earned sounds like the time was worth it, I wish it had not had a negative effect on your health. Take care.


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