MOAB’s Away…

We were told a few days ago that the military had used the Mother of All Bombs to hit an ISIS cave complex in Afghanistan. Wait, I thought we were fighting those other bad guys along with the Talban there. Anyway, a certain man who will remain nameless, the same moron who ordered a token air strike on a Syrian airbase with 50 Tomahawk missiles. Which by the way was in operation the next day, agreed to The Mother of All Bombs being dropped on the stronghold.

The YouTube video shows the bomb exploding and it takes out what seems to be a vast area of hilly land. With a bomb of that size, you would think it would have killed thousands of the enemy! The spokesman said, “Ninety-six combatants were killed.” Are they serious? Ninety-six bad guys were dispatched?! Now doing the math, those bombs aren’t cheap. I just Googled it totals 34,000,000 dollars for 20 such bombs. 

A fleet of our aircraft carriers is heading towards the waters of North Korea as a show of force against that guy with the funny haircut. It has been established that our Commander in Chief has impulse issues. I guess this is just another example of how if it’s bright and shiny and if it makes him look strong, he’ll do it. The Charismatic Paychopath in Charge duped the simple minded into believing he was strong and smart, who knows, he might be the one who actually starts World War III. He might just be a legend in his own mind…. This too will pass

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