News While I’ve Been Gone…

The major freeway through Atlanta was cripple when stored reels of interduct caught fire under an elevated portion of The 85. They want to blame it on a guy who was seen smoking crack near the reels. I work around that stuff and it would take a lot of heat to get that stuff going but let’s blame the poor sorry crackhead for lighting the fire. He is the perfect scapegoat, not the contractor who left a flammable thing under the freeway.

On to more unpleasant events. A guy killed his children and wounded his wife prior to killing himself. Right before he shot himself he told her, “Now you get to live in pain the rest of your life.” I truly hope she seeks therapy. How about the moron who walked into a school in San Bernardino and shoots his estranged wife and a few children before turning the gun on himself. Another man who thought, “This is a smart move.”

Finally, it has now come to light that Russia helped get someone into The White House. Remember a few days before the election, Russian diplomats asked various states if they could observe the votes being counted. They were denied entry. I found that suspicious and here we are. This whole thing with Russia and Syria is a total diversion to get the sheep to look the other way from the Senate and House investigations on Russian meddling in our election. Oh by the way, we have been warned that fascism is on it’s way to this country. I’m sorry to say, it got here on November 8th, they just didn’t bother telling us. This too will pass

4 thoughts on “News While I’ve Been Gone…

  1. I agree on fascism. One thing to remember, tRump and cronies have stock in the defence manufacturing companies. The stock went up after the strike. He made money by bombing and then having to restock the bombs / missiles used. Vicious circle. Hugs


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