You Couldn’t Make This Up…

This certain man who shall remain nameless said, “Obama spends a lot of time on vacation playing golf. If I’m elected, I won’t have time to play golf.” Need I say more? Wasn’t it he who said, “I won’t have any time to play golf!”

Meanwhile the deportations continue as he promised because quite frankly, that’s all he can do. Oh that and secretly defund Planned Parenthood because in his pea sized mind, “That’s all Planned Parent facilities does is do abortions.” Welcome to The New Germany, I mean New America, where he’s making Germany, I mean America Great Again. I’m sorry I keep slipping up. 

Soon a Great Great Wall will be built to the south of us. Well as Mr. Hank Kimball, of Green Acres used to say, “Well it won’t be a wall. It will be a fence. Well it won’t be a fence but it will have spent nuclear waste in it. Okay so it won’t be great come to think of it.” As Mr. Douglas would have said, “Mr. Kimball. This is preposterous!”  This too will pass

9 thoughts on “You Couldn’t Make This Up…

  1. I have a feeling the wall will not get built, since they have to take land from 1000’s of ranchers who don’t like the idea. Eminent domain takes years when it’s fought. By then he’ll have been voted out, or impeached. Hopefully the latter. And hopefully he doesn’t start a war first.

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