Nationalism Will Be The Reason World War III Starts…

Remember back in The 70’s when young people from around the world would hold hands and sing on a hillside, “I’d to be in a world with peaceful company….”  Followed by Coke saying they were the Real Thing… Those days are long gone. Now it’s more like, “You stay in your country!  If you are oppressed then that’s your hard luck.” It’s not just here in The United States, all around the world people are telling refugees to “move on and you can’t stay here.” While in other countries human rights are being stomped on and isolationism is taking hold.

The President of The Philippines is telling his people that he will solve his country’s problems. The mass graves in the countryside are his solution to his country’s problems. Here the proclaimed “humane” deportations of illegal aliens continues on. I should say brown skinned alien deportations continues on. Don’t worry you light skin folks who have overstayed your visas, you’re safe. Can you blame all this on nationalism? You tell me…

Doesn’t it worry you that throughout Europe, governments are turning towards the right. I find it quite interesting that Germany is now more willing to take in refugees than France. Yes, there are a lot of refugees in France already but Angela Merkle has opened her country’s doors to the truly needy. While here in this country we are closing doors and letting people like Sebastian Gorka, a Neo-Nazi advise this county’s whatever whatever. Yes, Mr. Gorka proudly wears a pin on his lapel which was given to him by a Hungarian Neo-Nazi group….  The sides are lining up for The War to End All Wars. In 1913 or 1933, no one thought two years later the world would be at war. How about 2017? This too will pass 

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