The Hole…

I got the call a few minutes after I had left for the day. The moment I saw my phone screen I knew what they wanted from me. “Hey Juan it’s Han. We are doing a callout for a mark and locate on Highway 13. Do you want it take it?” I took it. Ten minutes later, there I was looking into a cavern that had been dug out by a broken storm drain. 

Earlier in the day, I had driven over that exact location and thankfully the 10 inches of solid asphalt had been strong enough to prevent my heavy truck from collapsing into the hole. The CalTrans engineer came up to my truck and said, “Thanks for coming out. Are any of your ducts under this part of the road?” I looked at the cable plans and replied, “It doesn’t look like it.” 

The CalTrans engineer then signaled  two of his workers to show me the hole. Two of his men grabbed my legs as I lay on my belly and looked into the cavern. I saw the 6 inch yellow gas line and sewer line but no communications ducts…  Water is powerful and it works slowly but it never stops. The recent storm water had been eating away at the soil and dug out a house sized hole beneath the roadway. 

People ask me why I don’t retire after 36 years. I enjoy doing this sort of stuff but this too will pass

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