What’s A Holocaust Center…? 

Sean Spicer, that complete and total moron, had the gall to stand up in front of cameras and tell us Hitler did not stoop so low as to use chemical gas against his own people as did Syrian President Assad did on his people. I guess he forgot there were thousands of German Jews and many others were killed at The Holocaust Centers using cyanide gas… 

We all know millions died in the many concentration camps throughout Eastetn Europe. Unfortunately the first to be killed were Citizens of Germany. I guess sprinkling Zyklon-B in fake showers wasn’t the same as dropping Serin from planes. I guess German Jews, gypsies, gays, political rivals and lame of Germany just didn’t count in Spicer’s mind. 

Please tell me what a “holocaust center” is… I wonder if Sean Spicer had ever bothered to study what happened in those “Holocaust Centers?” Maybe his Alt-Right buddies Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka told him, “Oh it wasn’t that bad. Our guys say it’s just The Jewish Media making that stuff up.” I also wonder if they had him change concentration camps to Holocaust Centers? This too will pass

4 thoughts on “What’s A Holocaust Center…? 

  1. “I guess German Jews, gypsies, gays, political rivals and lame of Germany just didn’t count in Spicer’s mind.”

    Thank you for acknowledging more of the Nazi murdered, there were Slavs and Polish people (my relatives), homosexuals, handicapped children and adults, French, Italian and other country’s resistance, who were just people who died because the resisited, female and male, passive and active, they died, and I visited one of their camps, Struthoff, and I am near it now again. And then of course there were the German people who didn’t vote for Hilter. Just like me who didn’t vote for Trump, or Vietnam for that matter. Hitler annihilated his own country and his own people. Hitler murdered his male younger generation, and subjected the surviving females to whole scale rape. They were raped by allied troops and German doctors provided abortions without question during occupation.

    I spent a lot of years studying this. 14.5 million people died in concentration camps in Europe. Normally we don’t hear much about the other 7.5 million.
    There is no count for the people who died in China at the hands of the Japanese. Whole cities were destroyed. Check out: The Rape of Nanking. And no count for the numbers of people who died in Russia.

    I have a Matthew too. Similar to yours. I don’t think they are the ones who are crazy.

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    • Thanks for commenting! I mean it. A Matthew is a nightmare and I wouldn’t wish it on my worse enemy! He got out of jail and has been screaming at me to come down and help him. He thinks I should get him an apartment. He was thrown out of Motel 6’s and other cheap motels due to his behavior… a nightmare


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