It Might Be Time To Somehow Let It Go…

While I was on my self imposed sabbatical, I ran into a elderly woman in the Berkeley Hills. Her internet access was running slow and thus I had been dispatched to get it going. She greeted me at the door and the moment I stepped in her house I felt an incredible sadness come over me. Her house had Buddhas of all sorts around it and Tibetan banners as does my RV. We began to talk about life. At one point she said, “I’m a writer. Here let me give you my book!” I accepted it… 

The woman then reached to me and gave me a hug as if she had just lost a close relative. I hugged back and told her, “This too will pass.” We then talked about Eckhard Tolle and Vedanta. She said, “I’m sorry but I’m so so sad.” I replied, “Yes I see that. When are you going to have compassion for your suffering? It’s hard to do!” She said, “I know what you mean. I hope my book helps you.” I then went about repairing her line. 

I sat in my truck for a few minutes and  I began to read her book. After a few pages into it, I realized she had come home one night and found her teenage son hanging lifeless from a rope strung up to a garage rafter. She had told me earlier how she was also a musician and led a very busy life, not having time for anyone but herself. I did the math and realized this sad event had happened 25 years ago. 

 I have never had a child as of yet commit suicide and I would be crippled if it happened but from her tone of voice, I thought it happened yesterday.  I returned to her house to talk to her more but by that time she had a visitor and she appeared to be almost another woman. She laughed and didn’t let on to who she called, “this is my close friend” of her sadness. In fact she was quite cold and rude to me. I thanked her for being a valued customer and later threw her book in the debris box at the garage… This too will pass

7 thoughts on “It Might Be Time To Somehow Let It Go…

  1. She clearly didn’t want this “close friend” to know of her sadness. But there was a connection with you, a stranger, that is also clear yet undefinable to our mere humanness. You helped her through something. And she gave you her gift to thank you. Pretty cool encounter in my book.

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