Okay California’s Drought Is Over…

Again it rained all day. I may be wrong but this is one of the first Easter Sundays that it rained the whole day here. My cardboard boxes of wire in the back of my truck are now soggy paper pulp boxes of wire. I notice a pool of water had accumulated in the back, so I opened the dam to prevent stuff from falling out and it looked like the damaged Oroville Dam spillway.

Speaking of the Oroville Dam, it remains stable for the most part. Imagine a spillway so wide that two Santa Monica Freeways (The 405) could be side by side discharging water at 40,000 cubic feet per second and 45,000 feet of water per second are constantly flowing in to the lake. That’s a lot of run off from the snow pack in the Sierra.  On my work loan I drove past the south fork of the Feather River and I saw a  boulder 10 feet wide bouncing down the river like a marble…

Some of my fellow loaned workers got to work in the town of Oroville to repair the damage caused by the flood. I was sent over into Truckee on the other side of Donner Summit. A wooden pole alone side Interstate 80 showed how deep the snow was. At the height of the storm it was 37 feet deep. While I was in New Jersey I prided myself for shoveling a foot of snow… I said to myself, “Man up buttercup!” This too will pass

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