Orange Cat… And Old Men

 I was going to write about Bill The Cat or should I say Rob’s outdoor cat. Bill The Cat looks way healthier than that cat of his. The one evening I let him in, I noticed a smell of death coming from him. I would go into more detail but what happened tonight changed my focus. 

As I drove down the gravel road, up ahead a car was parked with only it’s running lights on. I couldn’t make out if anyone was in the vehicle. I called Rob, “Rob! We might have a problem here. Stay on the line while I go up to the car. It’s got a foreign plate. Silver sport Audi, gray black cloth top.” I walked up to the car and said, “What are you doing here?” I knew I was in no danger when I heard the elderly voice say, “I’m looking for the place to get my license and I’m stuck here.

A few minutes later, Rob and a team of Sonoma Sheriffs showed up. They had dealt with this old man before. The last time they made contact with him, he was wandering on Highway 12. They told him that indeed he had lost his license, it had been revoked. They gently loaded him into the back of their car and later impounded his car. He really shouldn’t be driving! He truly didn’t know what day it was. This too will pass 

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