April 19th 2017

The mother of my sons turns 57 today and life goes on. I’ll call her later and tell her how she looks a young thirty-five., we’ll chuckle. Prior to that, I’ll remind Chris to call his mom and wish her a happy birthday. Josh called me yesterday and told me he was flying up from Newport Beach to be with her this weekend and Matt, well I doubt he knows what month it is. 

I heard someone say on NPR when it comes to getting old, “I’m closer to the end than I’m to the beginning.” I really don’t believe a person understands that idea until you hit 55. Though for all intents and purposes, you should have begun to understand that at 35. Sure, people last into their nineties but high fructose corn syrup is quickly reducing the chance that any of us will last that long. 

I truly doubt I’m going to live another 60 years and ninety looks like a long shot but life expectancy has gone up, In Roman days, 40 was like being in your sixties now. An infected cut could be the thing that did you in or the remedy took care of that. The truth is, I don’t feel 60 but I do look back and think I was foolish in my behavior. I constantly have to stop myself from singing out Roy Clark’s Yesterday When I Was Young. 

Today is my umteenth day of working in a row. The rain has refused to stop and the money continues to pour in. My workmate Voung hasn’t taken a day off since it began to rain last fall. Maybe that’s how he’s able to drive a fleet of BMW’s into work. He just turned 38. I wonder if he knows he’s closer to the end than to the beginning? This too will pass

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