I’ve Never Liked Facebook…

Mark Zuckerburg didn’t have the street in front of his company headquarters renamed “Hacker Way” just by chance. He was subtly telling passerbys that that’s what his company does to its clientele. Maybe it’s only mathematical algorithms doing their thing but Mr. Zuckerburg knows what you eat, drink and do 24 hours a day. 

You must not forget advertisers are his company’s real customers, not the woman who wants to keep in touch with the family back home. Facebook serves it’s customer well,  Coke, Amazon and 800-Flowers is given your personal data and then they can target the perfect ad that fits you best. So while a moron in Swampwater Florida thinks she’s sending a cute picture of a cat around, advertisers know her fascination with cats. 

At least WordPress let’s you be a little creative while they gather your information. The other day a loser named Steve Stevens thought he would film himself killing another man. That video was seen by twenty-two thousand viewers and shared countless times. Who in their right mind would “like” such a video? Think about this, that horrible video was seen by 22,000 eyes in less than two hours before it was removed… I’m going to always unlike Facebook… This too will pass

5 thoughts on “I’ve Never Liked Facebook…

  1. I’m not a big facebooker, either. Facebook Live is kind of a ouija board, though…there’s a lot of uselessness, and negativity, but it kind of redeemed itself with the attention it brought to Philando Castile being shot by a police officer for no reason during a traffic stop. Sad world we live in that his girlfriend knew it was going to go awry and the best option she had was recording it and posting it to a social media site.

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