Three Bottles of DayQuil…

After being sick for two solid weeks, I’m finally feeling better. The moment I got off that plane from New York, I got incredibly sick. Yes, I should have stayed in bed but 40 hours at time and a half, well I couldn’t pass that up. There were a few days, I laid down on my bench seat of my truck and took swigs of DayQuil and passed out but somehow I survived. 

Usually when I’ve got a cold, I gulp down a bottle of DayQuil and sniff a thing of nasal sniffy and I’m better. This was a 3 bottle infection and a half bottle of disgusting cherry tasting cough medicine and you know it’s bad when you go to clean out your pockets and wads of bunched up Kleenex, paper towels and napkins are dragged out. 

I blame my quack of a doctor for being so sick. Prior to leaving for New Jersey, I went to see him because my right ear was hurting. He looked in and said, “Well it’s not infected but the wall looks thick for some reason. Take five days of Prednisone and you will be ok.” I followed the doctor’s instructions. It was only later I found out Prednisone causes one’s immune system to shutdown. 

Oh well I’m alive. I live to repair wires another day. They say the best way to live is in the moment. In a moment I need to get up, shower and meet Rob at the bottom of the hill for our usual mega commute into work. Starting work at 9 sucks as opposed to starting at 11am. I’m not sick of it, I just go with the flow. I might take a swig of cough medicine before I begin the journey. This too will pass

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