It’s 420 Celebration Day

Long live the greatness of weed! Notice the sarcasm in my tone of writing. I haven’t heard from Matt in a couple of days. Wait, Monday I did hear from him, he wished me a Happy Easter and then asked for a twenty bag, I mean twenty dollars for food. Before you tell me how good it is to relieve anxiety, everyday I feel anxious that I’ll get a call from the San Diego Coroners Office telling they have Matt on a slab.,,

When I sold my father’s house, I gave each of my 4 children some of the proceeds from the sale. Three of my children acted responsibly, Matt spent his share on grass, booze and caps. When asked about where it all went he reminded me he was an adult and to mind my business.

Fast forward to now. He lives on the streets of San Diego’s Mission Valley District. He says the homeless there are less violent and the panhandling  more fruitful. The restaurant dumpsters have better leftovers and the river banks are a good place to crash out. By the way, after doing the math, I should have his final student loan paid off in a year. So here’s to weed! 

They are having a massive smoke in to celebrate 420 Day in Golden Gate Park. Soon Californians will be able to walk into a corner 7/11 and buy a pack of Purple Haze or Kush the next time a tall bushy headed guy asks you for change it might be Matt looking to get enough money for a pack of smokes of some sort. This too will pass 

3 thoughts on “It’s 420 Celebration Day

  1. I am sorry Juan, I can feel you pain in these words. I wish I could say something or wave a wand that would help. I hope the country realizes we need to put a lot more money and effort into mental health issues. These are people who are hurting and need specialised help. Hugs

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