Stopping Thought Stealers…

Mr. Smith (not his real name) thought,  “The only way to protect my thoughts is to open up those manholes around my house and cut the phone cables.” So, in the early hours of the morning, he acted on his plan. One neighbor happened to be in his backyard hot tub when he heard the steel manhole make a loud clunk on the pavement.

The witness, being naked, did not go out to check on what was going on. So he did the next best thing., he quietly filmed Mr. Smith in the act. Later in the day, the witness showed the police the video and shortly there after, Mr. Smith was explaining his actions to three  Oakland Police Officers. I wasn’t the first technician on the scene and I had a minor role in this restoration of services. My job was to repair a buried drop wire he had also cut up from his house.

Here’s the point of this post; in Mr. Smith’s paranoid thinking mind, his actions probably made total and complete sense. What a better way to stop people from stealing his thoughts than to cut some cables. He probably planned his covert action for sometime. Ninja Smith had to find a headlamp and wire cutters big enough to cut a one inch cable. Never once did he stop himself and question the consequences of his midnight raid. He had a mission to do.

When he gets out of jail, he and his elderly parents will get the bill for his in the dark of the night operation. Cutting telecommunications cables and fiber is a federal crime under The Patriot Act. Mr. Smith doesn’t know it but might have serious legal problems but at least he stopped his thoughts from being stolen for now. Rob and I along with three other guys were out till 11pm on this one. This too will pass

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