A Day In The Life of Me…

First up was my dentist, what a super man he is. He asked me about my life and we caught up. He is a gentle man and when his hands are working on you, it makes a difference. Oh I did the usual things, I got the cheapest rate on my flight back East. May 26th June 4th, I get to spend time with Hunter. 

This morning I did throw out Toonce’s litter box. Along with that task I jumped the RV’s battery. That’s a whole story unto itself. I knew that it would take a set of long jumper cables or a battery charging pack to get it going but I didn’t expect a rat to jump out of the engine compartment the moment I opened the hood. He and I both jumped clear and I let him get out. He’s a good rat but he’s a rat all the same. I will add going to Home Depot to buy rat bait to my list of chores.

Yes he did chew some of the wires but at least the engine started. Seems he liked making his home on top of the battery… A good place as any to do it. If I was a rat, I’d probably do the same. As I took care of that problem I quietly said, “Toonce, you used to help me out on that front. You were a good mouser.”  This too will pass

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