Rat Therapy..?

As I said earlier, I had a lot of things to do on my busy one day off. I had to remind myself to get rat poison so my RV mate wouldn’t do anymore damage to the vehicle. Rats constantly chew our phone cables and apparently RV wiring too. I walked into Home Depot and was directed to the pest aisle. 

The aisle stretched 30 feet with every sort of killing agent. Brown spiders, termites, mothes and gnat killers stocked the shelves.  Then the varmint section started with the usual mole and gopher killers. Evidentially deer and coyotes get better treatment, they are only repelled. Items to shoo away owls and pigeons were shortly to follow. Finally I found the mice and rat area  .

I found all sorts of traps and electronic sound repellent devices but where was the bait. At one point I said to the guy in the orange smock, “I’m looking for poison to get rid of a rat or two. All these products look as if they want to get the rat to therapy.” He laughed, “That’s California for ya.” We both shook our heads how Californians buy Kobe raised cows and of how they are massaged daily prior to the air impact tool smashing their skulls in. 

That rat hasn’t done anything to me. He’s doing what a rat does and if I was a rat, I’d probably do the same thing. I don’t want to have to kill him but I also don’t need a RV electrician tell me, “Yeah, that rat really did a number on your wires. I can get it going. It will take some time to do it.” This too will pass

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