Toonce Was A Good Cat…

This morning I intend on disposing of Toonce’s litter box. What a thing to write about!? I know! It’s been months since his passing but it took me weeks just to remove his water and food bowls. My excuse could be, I leave early and return late or today marks the first day I’ve been off since I returned from New Jersey  and the two week work loan; the truth is, I just couldn’t do it…

You hear of the parents who can’t touch the room of their departed child, same thing here. I just couldn’t do it. After Toonce’s passing, I stayed in quite a few motels and even slept on the couch at work a few nights because I couldn’t drag myself to stay here. I blamed it on the heavy monsoonal rains.

So today, between going to the dentist and doing all the other things I haven’t had time to do, I’ll take his box into the woods and scatter the contents. Tomorrow, I get back on the treadmill, today I take the time to do what I need to do. Sounds weird I know but there might be a tear in my eye as I dump a cat box. This too will pass

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