Do Unto Others As Others Would Do Unto You

I placed the rat poison on top of the RV’s battery where my stowaway had made his nest for the second time. It’s true, rodents get a charge out of being around electricity. Anyway, I sprinkled the bait where he would again try to build his home. Sure enough, this morning I heard a rustling up front. He was back. I think it was a He because the his nest had no young’uns in it. 

I could have purchased a mechanical trap to get rid of him but then I’d have a trapped rat. The worst item they sell would probably would be illegal if it was done to a human; a sticky cardboard trap. Talk about torture. The Bhagavad Gita says it’s the intention not the act that counts. I certainly get no pleasure out of killing my rat nor do I want its last hours to be torturous. 

I must say he’s quite intent on making his home in the RV. I kind of felt sorry for him when it was pouring rain for weeks at a time. I looked the other way. Now it’s nice out and he can move on, unless he took the bait; Literally.  Yesterday I said to myself, “You survived the wettest winter in a RV. You nearly went mad during the height of the storms but you did it.” My rat and I both took shelter as best we could, he not paying rent and neither I. This too will pass

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