3 Fiber Jobs and A Fender Bender…

I know I’m going to get five days off for hitting that old and dented Jaguar. I did it but I wasn’t about to not report it. If you don’t report it, the company will fire you post haste. The fender tap happened in the ghetto of West Oakland at 35th and West. You can’t hear yourself think due the freeway noise  50 feet away and I hit it. What can I say other than I did it. I left a note on the windshield explaining who I was and how to reach my soon to be ex-manager, John…

The woman came out to inspect her car and saw the note I left and called up to me, “Was dat you who wrote this?” I motioned, “Yes.” I motioned I would come and talk to her. She seemed okay and thanked me for being honest. I’ll grieve the suspension and get three of the five days back. I will ask to be suspended the week before I head back to New Jersey at the end of May. 

I was assigned three fiber jobs. I’m getting pretty good with the fusion splicer unit. After trimming the fiber    to the correct length with the fiber cleaver unit, you put it in the machine and it fuses the strands together. That little yellow tool looking box costs 7 grand and I made sure I kept an eye on it. 

The two prior jobs were for internet wiz kids who lived in that complex where a one bedroom goes for 3000 a month. One of the customers already had his masters degree in computer engineering from Cal Berkeley at 25 years old. His brain was pulsing with knowledge and he watched intensely as I heated up the fiber ONT. He quickly made sure he was getting the giga-power he had been sold. Soon plain old telephone service will be a thing of the past. I’m in the process of writing a three minute script for NPR’s KQED Station’s segment called Perspective. It will deal with being a dinosaur in a fiber world… This too will pass

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