Erin Moran Dies… 

Later reports told of her dying of a heroin overdose in some town in Indiana. You remember charactor, Joanie. She was the little freckled little sister on Happy Days. I actually never liked that series. If I heard The Fonz say his simplistic line of “Hey” once more, I would have lost it. Fast forward to yesterday, my CNN app binged and announced, “Erin Moran, Happy Days Star, dead at 56.” It gave no details. 

The world will continue to spin and soon today’s child star will soon retire into obscurity. Unfortunately for them, the industry and their parents use them up and spits them out. If you were alive in the 80’s, you would remember Dana Plato. She tragically ended her life after she had been used up and with all her money gone and she ended up using drugs and making blue movies.

Countless other child stars have followed the same path. Do you remember little Buffy of that show with Sebastian Cabot and Brian Keith in the 60’s. I have ceased to watch that mind numbing idiot box. I’m now more of a Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and Praire Home Companion radio follower. 

I wonder if Henry Winkler and Ron Howard take the time out of their busy schedules to attend her funeral or will they send their deep heart felt condolences via their personal assistants? This too will pass

One thought on “Erin Moran Dies… 

  1. I wrote a poem about rocking chairs that went to the tune of “Happy Days” and rock around the clock. It was in memory of Erin Moran, in my mind. I liked the show a lot and liked “Joanie loves Chachi,” too.

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