Now The Waiting Starts…

This bit of damage will cost me at least two days wages but somehow I’ll make it up. It’s a total joke. An accident investigation will be conducted by the garage managers and the usual of brown nosing suck up employees on the safety committee. A kangaroo court comes to mind or a fair trial followed by a legal hanging…

I know that no matter what I’ll be found at fault and hitting a parked car or taking out a fire hydrant will get you five days off. Even if the company vehicle didn’t have working brakes or engine, they would say, “You shouldn’t have driven the truck for you knew it was unsafe.”

Here’s the funny thing and it actually isn’t but ironic; a few years ago one of our guys veered into a bike lane to prevent rear ending another vehicle. In doing so, he hit a bicyclist. The force of the impact crushed the legs of the 25 year old bicyclist. There was no accident investigation done for that case was sent immediately to the lawyers… A trial by managers would have been perfect ammunition for the bicyclist’s legal team. This too will pass

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