Silence, A Father’s Worry…

It’s been 5 days since I’ve heard from Matt which worries me to no end. Usually he calls to ask for  twenty or forty to be put in his account almost daily. He prefaces the request with, “I’m just calling to see how you’re doing.” I know the real reason for his call but what father wants to see his son go hungry?

I can’t imagine how hard it is to live on the streets in San Diego but he just couldn’t be allowed to live up here. Before you think we didn’t care enough to let him, we did. It was his erratic behavior that made it impossible for him to stay at his mom’s apartment. The management company had told her, “Either he goes or you both go!” She would tell me how he would get up and go for a walk at 3 in the morning or just begin to scream from the third floor balcony.

You know it’s bad when when you hope he was picked up by the police and sent to a locked down psychiatric unit. The second best outcome is for Matt just being arrested. The worse case scenario is him dead in the reeds along the riverbank after being attacked by a meth addict looking for their next fix.

I doubt Matt has his ID and quite frankly it would be pointless trying to get him another, he had lost so many. I wouldn’t wish being a parent of a schizophrenic on my worst enemy. I’m getting myself ready for the call, “Are you Matthew Guerra’s father? We need you to come and identify…” If the call comes from a 619 area code with a  official looking suffix, I will have to steel myself for what will be said to me… This too will pass

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