Fiber Fiber Fiber…

Lately, that’s all I’ve been doing is fiber. Imagine a strand so small and yet it can handle a billion bits of information a second. That to me is amazing. Looking back on how we used to send information, it all started with a messenger who was dispatched and if he survived, you got your message. At some point the telegraph showed up and then the telephone.

I installed this fiber drop for this guy yesterday who couldn’t live without his internet line. After I asked him when was he moving in, he replied, “I can’t move in until my internet service is up and running. I work from home.” The next guy only agreed to getting fiber to lower his bill. You could tell he was a simple man and hadn’t a clue what fiber was…

Again work is taking my mind off of my life problems. We were told today, there is overtime for the foreseeable months ahead, I might be able to crack 200K this year. One of my workmates has already cleared 90K, which for a blue collar job I find amazing. It’s now all about fiber but as with everything, this too will pass

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