He Has A Tattoo On His Left Ring Finger…

Having not heard from Matt now in five or six days, I had a bad feeling things had changed for the worst. I asked Tashi and her mom to do some research and see if Matt could be found. Now before you think I want this drama in my life, I don’t. I’m sure he has no wallet, ID nor phone. 

They first checked the San Diego County Sheriff’s jail log and he wasn’t under their care. They then called the various hospitals, including psychiatric wards. He was not an admitted patient. Finally, next up was the San Diego County Coroner. A nice woman answered the phone and asked many questions. One question was, “Did he have any tattoos?” Tashi remembered he has a tattoo of the infinity symbol on his left ring finger. 

The body they had had a massive head injury and an unrecognizable face. The standard questions of height and weight were asked. The coroner investigator said she would see if the tattoo was on the hand. It wasn’t and Matt demise was ruled out. I was told this at 12pm and later informed at 7:30 it wasn’t him. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. If I have to, I’ll get to San Diego and indentify him. This too will pass

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