Take Your Hate Elsewhere Please…

Berkeley California, the center of the free speech movement in the 60’s is now being called the center for stifling of speech. The thing is, few want to hear Ann Coulter and Milo What’s-his-beak spew their hate for liberals here. Both of these people love to incite protests so they can say, “See how awful The Left have become.” I want them to speak but how about in Orange County where people thing The Guy in Office is doing a great job…

Ann Coulter isn’t listening but here’s a little advice, “If you’re afraid of bees stinging you, then don’t poke at a bee hive unless you really want to get cranky bees attacking you.” Now I don’t want windows broken on Telegraph Ave. but sometimes a few eggs to be broken when you’re making a quiche.

I hope Ann Coulter does actually come here and she’s given a Berkeley welcome. If I had the guts, I would be along side the protesters but on the last week of May, I’m heading back to see Hunter. Let me say this, not hearing from your ill son is enough torture for one lifetime but I would trade that pain for being douced with pepper spray or a bean bag round to the chest… This too will pass

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