I know this is an unpleasant subject to write about but it is what it is. The Arkansas Department of Corrections executed three condemned men in short order the other day. Why? Because the state’s supply of numbing agent was about to expire and the good folks at McKesson Corporation probably weren’t about to sell them anymore of the drug. Why? Because they say the Arkansas Department of Corrections misled the company by saying, “We’re going to take care of some our prisoners with it.” The thing was, “take care” meant execute some prisoners with it. 

Here’s a little background about the Mc Kesson Corporation. It started in San Francisco as Foremost and McKesson, two local dairys got together and formed a pretty good sized organization. Soon the word Foremost was dropped and I guess McKesson turned away from producing milk to making heart stopping drugs… That seems like a big shift but that’s business.

When I was a kid back in the 60’s, I remembered the quart sized orange containers of milk. I believe low fat was blue and buttermilk was green. Anyway, I wish I could remember their motto. I think it was something about being “wholesome for families.” I don’t know but it seems as if they strayed away from their original motto too. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the drug they produced was milky white? Just a thought… This too will pass

One thought on “Milk

  1. Maybe it’s age, but I am getting more and more cynical about what corporations say they do and what they actually do. Maybe it’s due to the earthquake that tRump has set off and it’s just reverberating over and over throughout the USA not to trust any politician, any corporate figure, any board of directors, any one who wears a blue, brown, black or red uniform. “Trust No One” should be printed on our currency. Got my copayment bill for two visits to the doctor’s office. $100 I won’t be visiting him much in the future.


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