This Is The Country We Live In…

He walked into the little cafe I treat myself to a warm cherry turnover now and then and instantly made a few of the patrons uneasy. It took me a second to realize he wasn’t with The Migra but from one of the local breweries. 

The vineyard workers come here to buy their morning cafe and una pastele dulce before hitting the fields. One of the men said in Spanish, “I was ready to run.” Everyone laughed it off. If they do deport the undocumented workers, I hope wine prices triple in price. 

No one and I mean no one wants to pick grapes. They’re spraying sulfur on the vines now, another miserable job and who wants to be paid by the pound when it comes to picking grapes. The Orange One says, “Give great paying jobs to Americans!” Here’s a question: I wonder if his winery employs documented workers? I truly doubt it… This too will pass 

6 thoughts on “This Is The Country We Live In…

  1. I was watching a new show online today and they had a story about a produce farmer in a southern state that passed a law that scared all the migrant workers away. The farmer couldn’t get his crops harvested. He offered more money and then a lot of money but only had 90+ non migrant workers make it the whole season. Out of those hired at the start 109 simply never showed up. Then most others quit within a few days. I can understand. That kind of work is not only back breaking and physically draining, but it also takes a certain mental state. I tried picking corn one summer when I was 17. It was murder and I only did it for a few days until I went to work in a furniture factory instead. Hugs

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