I Have Contrition… My Fingers Were Crossed

I was told by my outgoing manager that the safety investigation meeting would tomorrow at 9am. I told him that I wouldn’t have time to assemble my crack team of legal scholars to defend me. That’s when he blew up and said, “On my last day here, you can’t give it a break?” I replied, “John, I will be found guilty of hitting the parked car and a stiff penalty will be meted out. Okay, assemble the kangaroo court and I’ll be there.” 

I told him that as with any trial prior to sentencing would I be allowed to make a short statement? He agreed. Even a condemned prisoner gets the privilege to do that prior to execution. I then typed this statement:

Thank you for allowing me to read this statement prior to the beginning this investigation. I take responsibility for striking the vehicle with the right rear corner of my truck. There were many things I could have done to prevent the collision. In my brain, me circling the block rather than backing up to access the pole was enough but in hindsight, I could have gotten out of my truck and placed a few safety cones near the cars so as to offer myself a safety zone. I actually thought about doing this but being that the roadway was narrow, I chose incorrectly and chose to maneuver in front of the pole as quickly as possible as not to hinder traffic flow. I should have also tried to make a helper ticket but since it was late in the afternoon, I decided not to.
The customer had waited all day for us to arrive and I felt rushed to get her new fiber in service. Again, I failed to put safety first. When I think of this incident, I actually have a tear in my eye because I let JOHN Fortenberry, Jeffery Sharp and AT&T down by my careless actions. Maybe it was that I had attempted to install three fiber services in one day and maybe after being sick for the two prior weeks, my mind wasn’t right with the job. 

I can only apologize and accept the penalty that will be meted out to me. I throw myself on this court and ask for misery. I calculated last night that I have driven various company vehicles for now 36 years and 150,000 miles for the most part I have not had any at fault accidents other than in 1987 when I backed into a pole. I have given my knees, shoulders to this company and I can only hope those who will judge me take my service into consideration

I guess those in power want me to feel bad for hitting the car. The truth is, for the previous two weeks I was sick as a dog. I checked my last gross earnings balance and saw that I am 500 dollars short of hitting the 70,000 dollar mark… I will make it up somehow and after filing a grievence I will get four of my 5 days back… This too will pass

2 thoughts on “ I Have Contrition… My Fingers Were Crossed

  1. Good flippin heavens!!
    Bless your heart! Don’t let them beat you down! Purrhaps if they’d have shown more consideration for their HUMAN EMPLOYEES, you may not have been SICK for the past couple of weeks! *Flippin bosses!*

    Well, maybe this will help you cheer up- heaven knows that flippin Albino Flea has to be good for something!


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  2. Wow. I know I have been in my own world lately but I am sorry I was not around to listen as you went through this. Are you OK. I would have been really torn up at what seems a betrayal after 36 years and all the effort you have given them. It shows that some companies fear the backlash of bad press more than they value a great loyal employee. Drop me an email and let me know what transpired and how you dealt / are dealing with it. I care. Hugs


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