Pine Cone Danger

 I’ve seen a lot of strange things in my career but this one takes the cake. I drove up to one of our cross connect boxes and noticed a helmet sitting on top of the box along with a rather large pinecone. On the hard hat were these words, “Put on this helmet. Pinecones drop without notice!” I picked up the helmet and found a family of snails had found shelter in it. I went back to my truck and got mine…

I walked back to the box and just as I got to it, a heard a rather big pinecone drop with a thud. While I stood there I constantly kept looking up. I wasn’t that worried about a pine cone dropping, what concerned me was a dead branch breaking loose high above and falling.

Loggers call this sort of branches “Widow Makers.” I can totally see why they do. Some day a technician will get hit by a falling branch and a hard hat won’t save them from injury or death. Maybe just getting in and out of that box as fast as possible is the only way to be safe. This too will pass

4 thoughts on “Pine Cone Danger

  1. A metaphor for life, huh?! You never know when a branch may fall. You never know if you will duck out in time. You never know if you will have a “box” to jump into. But, then again, falling branches do help nature weed out the dead and give way to new birth. We may need to learn how to be better gymnists or better dancers or better side-steppers. Watch out for the dog shit and Canada Geese droppings as well as you look up at that sky.

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  2. I thank some helpful soul who left the helmet with the note. Something should be recorded on the service log of the box. I was thinking here where I live the cables that run above ground near any growth, the law requires the growth be cut back quite a distance. I think the same is true for the boxes. I have only seen one box that is under untrimmed trees and that is a huge box installed by the phone company right outside the park I live in. Trust something connected to our park to be off kilter and not quite right. 🙂 Hugs


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