Ryan Olsen Had Had Enough…

The crew received bad news today, it seems the young man who’s job it was to sort thru our garage’s garbage, took his life on Tuesday. The manor of suicide hasn’t been let out. I liked Ryan, he was a real nice guy. He always called me dad…

It wasn’t that he was stuck in a low paying job with no future or maybe he thought he was. I think 30 an hour to sort trash is okay and garbage sorter wasn’t his real title, environmental waste manager was. He would place empty aerosol cans in big drums and hazardous waste in others. The State of California had tightened up so much on waste disposal that a ball point pen is now concidered hazardous waste. 

Everyday, he and I would talk about movies, we had nothing else in common. He always parked his personal car in my space but I didn’t mind because he’d always be gone before I got back to the garage. I swear it hurts knowing he took his life. He being young had never seen Doctor Zhivago and I turned him on to it. I don’t think he was older than 29. It really hurts… This too will pass

21 thoughts on “Ryan Olsen Had Had Enough…

  1. It’s horrible to see another person’s life just disappear like that, especially unexpectedly. It genuinely gets better with time, but I still catch myself playing “what if” games with myself about people who died, which has a 100% failure rate on changing what happened.

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  2. You were nice and friendly to someone who may have really needed it. No one may have known the “demons” that haunted this young man. There are things in our past that can overwhelm us and there are things in our current life we struggle with that can drive us to feel life is not worth living. As you know far better than most of us , the mental health care in this country is totally broken, in disarray,and ineffective. You also work in a high pressure environment and not everyone is as stable and can handle it as well as you can. I feel sorry for the young man, I can’t help but wonder if hearing just the right voice would have been enough to prevent this action , if only for a small length of time. Be well, and know you cared and you were a kindness in what can be a harsh world. Hugs

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      • Yes, I am very lucky. I have insurance through my husband and I have medicare. I have a lot of medical needs. I understand how issue can drive you to hurt yourself. For me it was the memories in my head of childhood. I also was a low point in my health. I had the love and support I needed to get me through it. A man who became my adopted brother called me constantly when I was in most danger, Ron did everything that could possibly be done. My doctors worked to give me the right medications at the correct doses. However in the end it took me wanting to fight to get past the hurt, get to the point where the memories wouldn’t destroy me. I don’t know what may have been happening in Ryan’s life, but again I know you were a kind person in his world. Hugs

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  3. How shocking and terrible. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this tragic loss. He must have been happy with your friendship and I’m sure he enjoyed talking to you about movies. It’s also great that you suggested Doctor Zhivago to him.
    I hope you’re taking care of yourself and having a peaceful weekend.

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    • I’m actually hurt after hearing he took his life because of guess this; he was having car trouble and problems with various women… They say he felt bad because he had the job of trash sorter for a contracting company. California has strict rules for separating refuse. He had a degree in communications and was making good money doing the job but felt bad I guess…

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      • Sometimes problems can seem overwhelming and without any solutions… he might have been disappointed that his career wasn’t taking the direction he’d hoped, sometimes money isn’t enough. He may have also had other issues and struggles you didn’t know about.
        From what you’ve described it sounds like you had a companionable and positive relationship, which he must have enjoyed. You may have been an oasis for him, if he was unhappy with his work and personal life.

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      • I see these 30 year olds living in these apartments costing 3500 a month, I make ok money and I would have a hard time making that rent… They go to work on their skateboard… I just don’t get it

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      • I am saddened also by the fact that we have whole areas, towns, cities, where the basics needed in life, shelter, food, security, are so expensive as to be out of reach for so many workers. What have we created with this. Ron and I are getting prepared for retirement. With our income and savings we can not maintain our lifestyle ( which is not lavish ) and stay where we are. We must move, which entails all that moving brings, selling our home and so forth. We are shopping right now for a place that has what we want at a less expensive cost of living. It will require us to move farther away from services we enjoy. Hugs

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