I Liked Ryan…

He was a good man. The crew this morning casually talked about his passing. One of the managers walked into the room and said, “If any of you feel stressed or feel you need someone to talk to, we have services.” Someone asked if he knew when services would be held. He did not know.

The mechanic had heard Ryan had been having car and girlfriend trouble and saw the only way out was to take his life. Being he was a refuse environment specialist, I guess he felt bad than he was sorting thru disposable pee bags, old Chinese food cartons and cardboard. I probably would feel bad too. Ryan was smart and he had a college degree. I guess he felt as if he was stuck in a miserable job even if he was making real good money…

I’m actually going to miss Ryan. He would clue me onto good movies and I’d tell him to watch some old masterpieces. I guess having a broken down car was the final thing to send him into despair and darkness. This too will pass

7 thoughts on “I Liked Ryan…

      • Some people are not prepared to handle struggles and disappointments that come their way. Sometimes it is circumstantial depression, and sometimes it’s chemical, but they hurt so much that they can’t face the pain another day.

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