A Post About Death…

Upon hearing that Ryan had committed suicide and what might have been the final straw, it got me to thinking. Here was a young man who was willing to take his life over a broken down used car. If he had said, “Juan, my car is messed up. I need help.” I would have helped him. He did mention he was having car problems but it didn’t sound like it was a crisis. I’ve had my junkers break down and never did I once think, “That’s it. I’m out of here.”

The thing is, I really know nothing about who Ryan was. All I know is that he would do his job and that he liked movies. I know this sounds quite cold but it is what it is. When they placed him on the autopsy table, they won’t say, “Ryan was a good guy and he loved movies on Netflix!”  They will measure the fluid content in his body and do other scientific things. 

Around the world people die everyday. Here we check for cause of death and set up GPS triangulation coordinates should it be out in the open. Street camera videos are researched and possible witnesses sought but it’s only about the body. In India, you see a body floating down the Ganges and they say, “It will float away when the flow rises a little.” I’m sure that in a few days Ryan’s body will be disposed of in some manor. As for me, all I know is he had a beaten up white Toyota that had problems. I guess I am no different than a coronor’s assistant. This too will pass

2 thoughts on “A Post About Death…

  1. I suspect Ryan’s decision to commit suicide was more than his broken down car, Juan. A multitude of stuff that mounts up and feelings overwhelming and unresolvable. My he be remembered by those who knew him. But for the…..go we.

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