I Guess I’m Going To Have Two Grandchildren…

The other day I get a call from Tashi and M. saying, “Is Elena pregnant?” I responded, “I haven’t a clue. Why?” They went on to tell me how Chris had posted on his Facebook thing, “I am blessed to have Elena in my life.” “That’s strange” I thought, There are a lot of words Chris uses: moron, imbicile and stupid but I’ve never ever heard him say blessed. When asked he said, “Oh she made these cheese sage biscuits and spaghetti last night.” 

Today they revealed a being of light will arrive sometime around December 27th. I then asked M., who knows astrology, what might be instore for the little one. Venus will be here and Jupiter will cross over there and the Sun will transit somewhere too. The little one will be a Rooster if you happen to follow the Chinese aspect of things. The main thing is I just want the little family to be happy…

Here’s what concerns me, Chris is barely doing what he’s doing as in providing. I’m cutting him a break when it comes to him helping me make the mortgage payment. Now he will be feeding four. I’m sure it will all work out, it always does. At least they won’t be raising their kids in that miserable tenement in Newark. 

It’s Sunday April 30th and in 2 hours I’ll start my commute to work in the jewel of the East Bay, Oakland. Yesterday, my youngest son called and asked if I could help him with his rent. I did to the tune of 700 dollars. At some point this overtime gravy train will slow down for the summer months. When that happens, Chris better think about getting a second and third job. I must admit, I shook my head in sadness when I heard about the new baby’s arrival. This too will pass

2 thoughts on “I Guess I’m Going To Have Two Grandchildren…

  1. life finds a way. It is not always the best way , but it is a way. One thing no one thinks of but cutting back really helps. We went from two high incomes for our area to one, and it hurt. However once we got rid of cable and learned of all the free stuff to watch online, and once we found other things in our budget we really didn’t need, we did OK on the one income. We eat well and we have shelter,and we have fun. Hugs

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