It’s A Beautiful Day in Sonoma…

Even the hawk up on the strand feels good, probably good and hungry. I haven’t a clue how these birds of prey are able to hunt when it’s pouring… I guess they just go about their lives the best they can. 

Finally it has stopped raining and there is no rain in the near future. This morning I walked around The Firewood Temple and tipped over the 5 gallon buckets full of rain water. I pulled up the black plastic which I laid down to help with the mud, it didn’t help… Walking around I took survey of the fallen trees and gassed up the saws. Soon we will start again on doing the things on the project list. 

Sonoma Valley looks so green, no more brown hills of dead grass. Hopefully it will look green for at least two more months. During the drought, the hills were brown all year. The vineyards are already green and the workers are spraying sulfur on the fields. Sonoma is incredibly beautiful at this time of year… Off to work we go. This too will pass

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