Picazo Cafe’s Sal…

I walked into the cafe and greeted Sal, “Buenas Dias! I’ll have the usual.” He quickly took a warm cherry turnover out of the display case and poured my milk into a paper cup. We talked about how Trump is rounding up good people and of how people are scared. He went onto tell me how he was closed yesterday in support of May Day.

We both had fathers who came to this country with no papers and then at some point were given green cards. I like Sal, his son owns some famous winery here in Sonoma. His entire family is now here and they are all law abiding citizens. His father only went back to his homeland once and was happy to live here, I believe my father went twice. Picazo Cafe will always get my business, good man that Sal… This too will pass

2 thoughts on “Picazo Cafe’s Sal…

  1. I read this morning about a young man just turned 18. He came to the US from an extremely abusive father, his mother and sister were killed by a drug gang. The gang was after him. He got here and was put into a youth shelter. HE was a model person there. HE had an aunt and another relative to take him in. Under obama he would have been released to his family and put in a program to get legal status. However on his 18th birthday the immigration people came to the shelter and shackled him, arrested him, and took him to an adult detention internment camp. Not an adult shelter, but something more like a prison. This kid is being traumatized again for no reason. This happened because the head of homeland security sent a memo demanding all of Obama’s administrations memos and advisories and that all people of any age coming across the border illegally were to be considered for immediate deportation. God Gods what have we let happen. Hugs

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