The Overtime Train Pulled Into The Station

It was announced yesterday by one of the managers, “Listen up everyone, there’s no overtime for the rest of the week. You had a good run these last seven months but it’s done.” Everyone actually took a sigh of relief. Even though the checks have been quite heavy, the guys could now return to their home lives. Finally lawns could be mowed and as for me, my morning Firewood Yoga can once again begin. 

One of my fellow workers worked 42 days straight, I think I stopped at 30. At one point, I lost track of the days, I once thought Saturday was Monday. It will actually feel good going in at our regular start time of 11am. No more mind numbing early morning commutes. During the height of the storms, Rob and I would meet at the bottom of the hill at 5:15 so as to be at the garage by 7:30am.

The overnight cable failures have also thankfully subsided. While no one can stop the drunk driver from slamming into one of our utility poles, flooded manholes are no longer a problem. During that major 2 week long storm in January, I tried to pump out a manhole with two of our pumps running at full blast and water kept coming in from the ducts faster than it was being taken out… It was warm yesterday and no rain is in the forecast. We survived the Winter of 2017… This too will pass

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