Traffic At 9:45am…

Only in California do you have a morning commute that goes from 4:45am till 10am. Unfortunately the carpool lanes close down at 8:30am thus no relief. Going 13 miles an hour for thirty miles or so will anyone mad. I really think even Gandhi would have screamed out, “For Shiva’s sake get going!” 

At the top of Marinwood Hill, a motorcyclist and a driver were sitting next to each other with no CHP officer anywhere in sight. Then up ahead in San Rafael another fender bender had happened. You would think those two incidents would have been the cause of the miles of back up but no it was simply Tuesday… This too will pass

2 thoughts on “Traffic At 9:45am…

  1. When we first moved to West Palm Beach FLorida I had never driven in such major traffic, streets with five and six lanes. However in short time I got use to it. What I did find a surprise was not the many accidents but how few there were compared to the huge traffic flow and the speeds they moved at. What do you think? Hugs

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