Alternative Truths…

Oberstupppenfuhrer Minister of Propaganda or should I say White House Spokesman Sean Spicer constantly keeps telling us blatant lies and then makes us think we are not in our right minds for not believing them… You knew things were off to a bad start with him when he came out and said, “The crowds surpassed all other crowds for any presidential inauguration.” The problem was, photos showed otherwise.

 I really believe this supreme leader has assembled a team of top notch psychopaths. When questioned as to the amount of people who attended his swearing in ceremony, The Orange One then said, “I was given those facts. I just read them out.” You know it’s never a psychopath’s fault that things get messed. I can’t wait for The Orange Ones next failure, except the one which causes psychopath Kim Jong-un to press the button sending the Weat Coast to a 1500 degree hell. What will The Supreme Leader of this country say, “I was mis-led by disloyal officers.”

They put Kellyanne Conway away after her numerous mess ups.  Maybe they thought her smile wasn’t cutting it anymore and then there’s the ultimate sociopath Steve Bannon, I bet we haven’t seen the last of that sick guy. This country is in deep trouble and shortly it will crash and burn but where will Donald tRump be? At a faraway resort he owns telling us, “The destruction was minimal and didn’t you hire me to rebuild our cities and infrastructure?” This too will pass

10 thoughts on “Alternative Truths…

  1. The stopped trying to use Kellyanne Conway because the news people stopped letting her change the story, pivot to blame others, to simply make up stuff. The interviewers started to demand she answer the question. I think that has to be done with all of them. Also all congress people and governors because it has become standard for them to not answer the questions but to instead give a set speech regardless of what is asked of them or if it is correct or not. Hugs

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  2. I was actually going to write a post on the buffoon today, but decided to go a bit lighter and save it for the next time. I love that he is calling for Colbert to be fired. This should make for some great late-night laughs at the expence of the Putin’s c*** holster! I really think the gloves are finally off and comedians are going to come him with both barrels loaded. No more political correctness, just give him what he’s been dishing out. I love it!

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