This Is America

The other day Ed told me he had heard on one of his gospel radio stations that soon the government would round up and kill the Christians of this country. I tried to reason with Ed about how this country is run for the most part by Christians. He went on to tell me how the incredibly intelligent radio evangelist said the mysterious bobwired camps will house the persecuted followers of Christ until the executions can begin. 

“Come on Ed. Do you really believe that?” I said. “Juan, it says so in the Bible. I read the Bible and then Israel will be abandoned and…” He told me how The Bible had told us what’s about to happen in this world. Without fail, he had to tell me how Islam is not a religion and “The Jews” killed Christ. 

To tell you the truth, I’m more worried about Christians because I really don’t want to be part of their Rapture scenario. It’s almost like they want the final hours of the final days. Ed starts singing a song quietly, “Jesus remember me.” The problem with this country, he and others like him believe these are the end of days. I believe today is Wednesday… This too will pass

6 thoughts on “This Is America

  1. Religious fundamentalism is the major source of evil in this world. tRump loves to stir them up. Most of the televangelists should be arrested for inciting to riot and hate crimes, and tRump should have been arrested during his campaign ;twitter should have deleted his account for the same reason; Comey should have been arrested as well with his antics re Clinton emails (who paid him to do what he did?).

    On a side note, scientists packed rats into a cage, and the rats ate each other. A GOP congressman said the airline industry will be held accountable for all the fights and hate spewing in their planes. You’d think the airline industry would know that their sardine cans are inciting people to eat each other, like the rats.

    The festering of Christian fundamentalism in this country is nothing new, but tRump stirred up that swamp like no one ever did before. He gave them “legitimacy” to hate in public. The NRA loves it too; good for business. The GOP party wants less government, but they want government to deregulate all industries, national parks, and now tRump wants to rewrite the Constitution. There’s something very twisted and illogical about the GOP (fascist party) and what they say they stand for and what they are actually doing. Everyone knows that tRump is mentally ill, whether they will admit it publicly or not. “This too will pass”, but not soon enough.

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  2. Every generation of Christians have felt that they were the end times and that Christ was coming back in their lifetime. I know reason is not a strong point with religious fundamentalist as you say. Being able to say you can’t do something due to your religion is your right, but to say others can’t do something because of your religion is persecution and not a right. I really feel religions want to play the victim while victimizing others. Hugs


  3. I’m Christian and don’t believe in the rapture. Aside from that, christians who focus more on the doom and gloom of the “end times” should be using that focus to help others. I don’t know how they got jesus’ message confused and instead hate others because of their skin color or religion.

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