I Do So Like That Sam I Am…

I pulled up to the house on Stafford Street and waiting for me was the prem tech and customer. “You’re here to install my fiber! I’ve been waiting for this day!” The customer joyously said. The man was in his early 30’s with a short beard and nerdy glasses. I asked him what he was going to do with his billion of bits per second. He replied, “I’m into gaming.”

After I placed the new fiber drop and got all the outside work done, I told him I needed to go inside to hook up the power pack. He led me thru this maze of boxed action figures and posters of video game characters. We made it to his inner most sanctum, where he played his games. He pointed to where he wanted his battery back up placed. 

“Right here. I’ll move my friends.” He said. The shelve was lined with Dr. Suess character, some easily recognizable such as The Cat of The Cat in The Hat and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish, oh you know. The moment we turned up the fiber ONT he jumped for joy and he ran into the house, I suppose he was going to binge play videos all day. He did mention he worked from home but today was going to be a play day… This too will pass

7 thoughts on “I Do So Like That Sam I Am…

  1. Amazing! I don’t get the gaming addiction! I wonder if this upcoming generation will know how to commuicate with humans, form complete sentences, delve into the mystery of nature and life itself. I know many an “educated” (PhD, MA) person who is ignorant of social skills. This isn’t knew, but the ‘locked in’ mode into electronics of many a 20, 30, 40 something makes me cringe.

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  2. Think of the joy you clearly brought to this man. I congratulate you. It is hard to be able to do something in the normal events of our day that makes someone that happy. Be well. Hugs

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      • Yes. Sadly with my femur head collapsed ( it equals a fracture ) I am in too much pain to sleep even with my meds. I take morphines and muscle relaxers and other heavy meds but still the pain won’t break enough to sleep. I have to stay in just one position. So I have to wear myself out. I have to get to the point of sleeping at my desk before I go to bed. I am not complaining I have good medical care, but I so miss the short period of my life that I could walk, run, bend . I have dreams where I am without pain and wake up so wistful. I had a dream the other night where I jumped over a porch railing. Just the feeling of acceleration, of lifting from the ground, the painless impact of the earth again. Things I will never be able to do again. But again I have it good. Be well. Hugs


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