Be Happy….

The marijuana advertising industry is ramping up here in California. Already billboards are popping up proclaiming the wonderfulness of their product. On the busy Eastshore 80 Corridor, a massive electronic billboard displays blurry pink eyes and a big smile. The subtitle says, “Be Happy!” Is that really being happy?

I spoke to Matt yesterday, he told me he had bought a sleeping bag with the money his mom’s been sending him and now he’s living behind a debris box and next to a dumpster. I told him to make it to a homeless shelter but I got the usual excuses why he wasn’t going to do it. I begged with him, “Matt do you want to be sleeping next to a debris box? Come on man!” He told me how they chase him with sticks. 

Marijuana has sent him into a world of paranoia thinking. Prior to him being hospitalized the last time, he kept telling me how he didn’t need psychotropic meds, marijuana was his only medicine. I don’t know about you but somehow living behind a dumpster isn’t my idea of being happy… This too will pass

5 thoughts on “Be Happy….

  1. The medicinalqualities of pot are undisputable, but the reality of “pot heads” is just as undisputable. I’ve tried the pot here in the States. Does nothing for me. However, I’ve tried a teeny weeny cube of a pot brownie (with hashish) and I found myself giggling, non-stop talking, incredibly horny, and hungry. I certainly wouldn’t even considering driving under such influence! I wonder how many drivers are on the highways and roads who are ‘stoned’.

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  2. I am sorry about your son, I wish things were different. However you have said your son has a mental illness that is not being treated. Weed did not create that illness. Is weed for everyone, no. Are there people who over do with it, oh yes. Just with any mind altering substance. the human body / mind seeks an altered mental state. Some can handle this, others can not. Even the powerful medications I take can alter your mental state. Again I do wish they would take a chunk of the money raised from taxes on the sale of marijuana would go to mental health care and all the facilities people like your son need. I do care. Hugs


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