They finally topped off the Salesforce Headquarters Building across the bay in San Francisco. It by far is the tallest building in The City. The two tower cranes extend another ten stories. No, it’s not as tall as the new World Trade Center building in New York but it stands out. 

Please, won’t someone tell me what Salesforce does in simple words. I’ve heard the acronym CMR bandied about but it’s all Greek to me. I put a fiber into a nice guy’s house today. He works for them from home and for 80 dollars a month for gigapower, it’s perfect for a techie who uses 3 computer screens at a time. I guess there is no need to show up to an office anymore as long as you have high speed internet access. 

My job will never be a work from home job. I only have to deal with a rep in India who says, “I can help you with that or thank you for being a team member of The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company and thank you for calling into Tier 2.” They read that stuff from a script and it’s enough to drive Gandhi to lashing out. If I hear, “Is there anything else I can help you with.” I will lose it… This too will pass

4 thoughts on “Salesforce…

  1. I was a computer repairman a long time ago. I often had to call a company’s support lines. Often I would have to start out with a person at a call center in India. They are instructed to use names that sound familiar to Americans. You have not lived until you have someone breathlessly tell you their name is Harry in an Indian accent. I was given the name Max a lot also. I thought the whole thing funny and would often engage them in conversation. Once I gave them my authorisation number they would drop the pretence. In a way it was fun. Hugs

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  2. Salesforce basically houses all sales folk’s data in one place. It’s like a big rolodex that you can send emails, track them, record notes on clients, set reminders on when to call back, and things like that. CRM is customer relations management. I’ve done sales before and it’s meh. I think its more buzzwordy than useful

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