It’s A World Of Fiber…

I finished my first fiber job of the day by 12:15 and moved on to my second fiber job. The customer met me with a big smile for today he was going to get his giga service. After a few minutes of him telling me how he works from home for Oracle and that he had waited for months for service. I told him I would need to run the fiber jumper at the box down the block…

The second I looked at the assignments and the box I knew this might not fly. My customer’s port was the first of the box and sure enough when I placed my handheld light meter on the jumper, nothing. The digital light crew would need to heat up the box. Twenty minutes later, I was given a five digit code to put on my returned order ticket. 

Now the hard part, breaking a man’s dreams. As I drove back the few blocks I went over how I’d tell him that it wasn’t going to be today. The once happy man greeted me at my truck and he said, “The box’s not heated up yet. I figured when you didn’t come back for 30 minutes, I knew there was trouble.” I replied, “Yeah, you hit the nail on the head.” We both laughed and I told him that they would reschedule him when it’s up. He said, “It’s close but Close counts in granades and horseshoes.” This too will pass

7 thoughts on “It’s A World Of Fiber…

  1. Sadly where I live a lot of people have dsl from the phone company. Far too many. I have cable as it is the fastest in our area. We don’t have fiber in our area. Not far out to be country, not big enough to be even a small city. Just a bastardised area. Hugs

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