Making Bread

This morning as I lay in bed, I envisioned myself having a loaf warm bread with soft melted butter. I then thought about what goes into bread and it was at that exact point I realized I would be in a lot of trouble if I had to bake a loaf. I said to myself, “You are a moron. Of course, flour would be the main ingredient and water but other than those two, oh yeah salt!” 

Many moons ago, I would watch my mother make bread but I was more interested when she made cookies or cupcakes, go figure. Anyway, back to the bread. Even if I did gather the ingredients, I wouldn’t know how to mix them in the proper order. I do know you let it sit for awhile then you put it in the oven. I again haven’t a clue at what temperature or for how long… 

I used to fix phone systems at Wonder Bread production facility in San Francisco. They had an old PBX system and I could get their decrepit analog system going but I had no idea how they made their product. Wait, it needs yeast but where do you get that stinky stuff? Hopefully stores will never close otherwise a lot of people like me will go without bread. This too will pass

6 thoughts on “Making Bread

  1. “Wonder Bread” was, and if it still exists, a batch of glue. Ugh. Of course, Juan, there is always the internet or Betty Crocker’s Cookbook for you to consult as to ingredients and steps. Easy as eating that slice of pie or cupcake sitting in front of you or in your mind’s eye.

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