I Listen To NPR…

As I’ve said before, I do listen to NPR (National Public Radio). I enjoy Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and Praire Home Companion, those are the easy ones to listen to and then there are a few that make you want to smash the radio you’re listening to bits. Tonight I was listening to Short Stories; it’s a program in which celebrities read out stories written by authors. 

First up was a story about, well I don’t know what it was about except that the main character was named Mr. Levinson. All I know is the writer had been taught in some college story telling class that it’s important to get the reader interested, one must describe everything the writer experienced. “Mr. Levinson walked down the street and noticed a bulldozer with faded paint and an excavator digging into the red colored earth. A man with a neon safety vest waved traffic around the work site.” On and on he kept going.

After awhile I tuned out the reader’s voice. I couldn’t have cared less about Mr. Levinson. I lost interest when the writer had to go into men who were placing a lime green sewer pipe in the ground. What was the writer trying to do? I yelled out, “No one cares!” There’s a big difference between adding color and slopping on a can of paint. After 30 minutes it was over and in the end, I had no clue what the writer was trying to say… I think I’m going to maybe change the channel next time. This too will pass 

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