Sunday Morning Peet’s

Most everyone else is laying in bed right about now. Anyway, they’ll at some point get up and make their way to the kitchen, open the fridge door and ponder what’s easy to eat. After a few minutes and with the nibbles having set in, they’ll be thinking, “Which has less of a line? Starbucks or Peet’s on a Sunday?”

Twenty minutes later, you’ll be standing behind a woman who’s ordering a double shot latte using almond milk (how they make milk from an almond is beyond me) no foam and add a shot of vanilla, oh it needs to be exactly 85 degrees Celsius, not 84 or 86 but eighty-five. By that time you are ready to lose it because all you want is your simple mocha but then her two bratty kids run up to her with bags of expensive gummy bears in their hands whining, “Please mommy please!” She quickly says, “No! What would you like to drink?” As if the four and five year olds would say, “A double espresso and an Americano.” It’s always a kid’s hot chocolate…

A few minutes later, that same woman in a tight spandex outfit and a baseball cap with her perfect hair is on the phone waiting for her drinks to show up. Meanwhile her children are playing, Can we annoy every patron of this Peet’s simply by kicking our legs wildly and letting out screams. Mom is unaware of her children’s behavior because she has a very important conversation going, “We’re on our way to Costco. Bill is with his buddies.”

Thankfully, her troop’s drinks are ready and without fail, the youngest one grabs for her cup and spills it on everyone and the floor. Mom isn’t there to help because mom’s sprinkling cocoa powder on her drink. She walks over and says, “Could you make her another?” Of course, that stops everyone else’s drink orders but that doesn’t matter to her because well I don’t know why it doesn’t… A few minutes later the woman and her girls pile into their BMW and off they go. I swear some people haven’t a clue. This too will pass

3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Peet’s

  1. That’s why I stay out of Starbucks, and even Peets, now that Peets is owned by a corporation and no longer a family business! Spare me from such ignorance!

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