It Was All A Dream…

After months of being silent, President Obama made some thoughtful comments about the American Care Act this past weekend and for a moment I thought I had been caught up in a bad dream. I dreamt the country had elected a narcissist man who kept telling us of how great he was and of how everything he did was huge. Get this, this so called President would get up early early in the morning and type rants in 147 character phrases. 

It gets better, this clown would tell his flock of how the media and the judicial system were our enemies; a former Republican Presidential Candidate called his sanity into question. I know it’s crazy but then this buffoon gets a few of his buddies into his close circle without vetting them and they turnout to be doing business with the Russians. Later, two of them have to register as foreign operatives so they can’t later be charged with spying…

I know this sounds weird but this blonde woman, I think she was his spokesperson comes up with this new word alternative fact and then there’s this combative press secretary who says Hitler wasn’t that bad of a guy because he didn’t gas his people unless you don’t consider German Jews his people. I woke up out of a sound sleep and as I took my shower I thought, it was only a dream… This too will pass

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