What’s Next? A Night of Long Knives…

The Orange One just fired FBI Director Comey and what do you want to bet he puts in a one of his loyalists in that office. He pays well for being loyal to him. I can’t believe Republicans are backing this out of control psychopath. The younger George Bush said during the campaign, “I will be the last Republican President.” He was wrong because this moron in charge will be the last.  

The wheels of the cart are falling off the axle and I bet even some of his loyalists are starting to think of ways to make it safely to an exit. Sean Spicer and Steve Bannon will go down with the ship and so will Kellyanne; come to think of it, they’re rats and will be first to jump ship. This White House is a disgrace and if it wasn’t so dangerous, it would be funny. Edit

Watch what happens, an event will be thought up to take the spotlight of this mess. The Orange One will try to provoke North Korea into something and Kim Jun-Un is just as unbalanced will react… Wouldn’t a sudden war take the heat off of his Russian troubles. Doesn’t anyone think his refusal to show his taxes and his buddy buddy relationship seems a bit strange? The Gulf of Tonkin was made up and so was the sinking of the USS Maine. What will be his? This too will pass

6 thoughts on “What’s Next? A Night of Long Knives…

  1. I know he will appoint a lackey to replace Comey but I wonder if they will be able to bury what Comey found and was going to publish on them? How many others saw the information? How much control will tRump and corrupt crew have over the information? Will congress now move forward and investigate? Could we get a special prosecutor? That would be the greatest thing, as a special prosecutor can look in more places and for more things than others. Hugs

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